The cost of materials, installation, and design can make a big difference in the overall expense. Vinyl fence is often cheaper than wood depending on who is doing the work and what type of fence you are installing. If you install it yourself, vinyl will be significantly cheaper than wood. Vinyl will also be more affordable if you need large quantities for a school or business property.

If you’re looking to save money and use one material over the other, we recommend that you consider your individual situation to ensure that the vinyl fence doesn’t end up costing more than it should.

As one homeowner recently discovered, the cost of wood is different depending on where you purchase it. While you might be able to get a better deal on wood at a local lumber yard, if you are ordering online, you can also find cheaper options.

Cedar will be more expensive than vinyl but it has some desirable features. It is less prone to warping or cracking in extreme weather conditions and is considered more fire-resistant than vinyl or aluminum. Cedar also has natural protection against rot and insects. However, many people choose a vinyl fence for their properties because cedar can require maintenance after time due to its exposure to weather elements.

When it comes to buying fence materials, there are many options to consider. One is the issue of which type of fencing is best for your needs. Vinyl has become more popular in recent years because its maintenance requirements are usually low with the potential to be low cost.

The most important thing to remember with a vinyl fence is that it’s most effective when used in conjunction with an electric fence system. While strength, durability, and safety are all factors in deciding on any type of fencing for your desired location, make sure to consider the right line of defense for your property, this year and in the future.  Check out our electric fences section to learn more about how you can protect your family with an electric fence system.

Which one is better wood or vinyl fence?

Vinyl fencing is often cheaper than wood fencing.  A wooden privacy fence may cost around $200 a foot, but a vinyl privacy fence is about half that.  It is also one of the right ways to create a privacy fence for your home if you have a large property and want to keep out people passing by.  It creates a barrier against thieves, intruders, and sightseers without the need for expensive repair and maintenance.

Another thing vinyl fence does not require is painting.  This makes it more durable and will last longer than wood fencing which takes months of painting every year to maintain.  If you do not want to go through the trouble of painting your fence every year, vinyl is a better option for you.

When you consider the hassle of maintaining both of these types of fencing, vinyl is more affordable.  Another thing to keep in mind is that it is easier to install than wood fences which may require more material and labor costs for installation.

One con for purchasing vinyl fencing is that it will be difficult to customize it by painting and adding embellishments.  You can customize your wooden fence however you wish as wood allows for more creativity and individuality when designing your fence.

If you wish to add color and personality to your property, a vinyl fence may not be for you.

How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

If you want a fence that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, a vinyl fence is a good option for you. An average wood fence will cost around $6 per foot while an average vinyl fence will cost about $2 per foot depending on the style and material that appeals to you. The average price of installing a vinyl fence is around $2,000 however this can differ from one professional to another.  A vinyl privacy fence is the most expensive option for fencing around, costing $7,000 per line on average.  You can get a vinyl privacy fence that ranges from $3,500 and up depending on the material and style of your choice. If you want a cheaper option then you can go with aluminum fencing which costs around $1 per foot on average, costing about $3-4K for installation depending on the type and material of your fence.  The most economical option is to go with a vinyl or aluminum privacy fence since they require less maintenance than wood or cedar which cost more.

If you don’t know where to start, then a metal fence is a good option for you as it is easy to install and does not cost much. You can get a metal privacy fence for around $2,000 depending on the type of aluminum fencing that you want from steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

How Much Does Vinyl Fence Cost For The Better End Of Town?

If you live in a neighborhood with newer homes that tend to come with more expensive vinyl fencing, there’s no denying it will be more costly than wood. However, if your neighborhood consists of older homes and homes with low-income families who can’t afford such materials such as wood barriers, then it may be more affordable than you think. If you live in an area where there are a lot of large homes with gates at the end of driveways, then wood fencing may cost between $10-$15 per line depending on how long it is.  If you live in a neighborhood with smaller homes without any gates, you will likely pay around $5-$7 per foot for wood fencing. At this cost, the average price for installing a wood fence is about $2,000 however this can vary from one professional to another.

One plus side to vinyl fencing over wood is that it’s lighter.  This allows for easier installation and it also reduces the chance of injury if installed by yourself or professionals as it won’t require heavy lifting to install.


An aluminum fence has a vinyl or aluminum privacy fence as an option as well.  One reason why many people choose aluminum over wood is that it is lighter and easier to install.  It makes the installation process easier for homeowners who may not have the proper equipment or experience with installing a fence to complete it on their own.

The average cost of a vinyl fence ranges from $1000-$2500 depending on the type of style that you want and the materials that are used. If you are certain about getting this fence for your yard or property and need professional help with the same, then, you can consider getting help from Bellevue Fencing and get the right help from them for the same.